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Local Rising

NOTE: This Organization is not affiliated with Lowell Public Schools, LHS, or any official LHS clubs or organizations.
January 23, 2021

Hey everyone, I am Hannah Muldoon. I run a non-profit organization called Local Rising. I am currently looking for members to help me get what needs to be done. Local Rising is a non-profit organization...


January 23, 2021

Never thought it would come to this. Look at you over there with all your lies. Still begging on your knees for forgiveness. Look at the outcome that we came to. Looking at life in two different...

A Review of On Tyranny

Non-Required Reads With Douglas Forsythe
January 23, 2021

After several years of wandering through the dark tunnel, we have finally reached the light at the end. Where a man who stood for the very things our country was built to fight against a man who promises...


January 19, 2021

The burn out, moth eaten, child appears in the mirror.  Eyelids heavy and heaving they are, mouth gaping, gasping, he is carried everywhere. Not a burden, however beloved and precious, not curled in...

Brandon Hoots

Brandon Hoots
LHS Biographies
January 14, 2021

Mr. Brandon Hoots has been a long-term substitute with B-House for about one year, but he hopes to work full-time at LHS one day. Hoots used to work in Bedford, which he says was an “annoying commute”...

Will Northrup

Will Northrup
LHS Biographies
January 9, 2021

Will Northrup, an English teacher at Lowell High, has been an LHS staff member for 17 years. Raised in Centreville, Lowell, alongside his two brothers, he started out in the workforce as a lifeguard for...


January 7, 2021

A person who's supposed to love, care, and protect you. But instead hurt and discouraged the ones she's obligated to love. I look at all the families with smiles on their faces. Then I looked at us,...


The White Queen: A Poetry Collection
January 6, 2021

Combing her hair The maiden thought  "What a shame about that cook"   That cook was delightful Blue and gold eyes So soft skin But without any real title   For a night...

Being An Ally

January 5, 2021

In 2020 going into 2021, the word 'ally' has been used a lot. Overall, it means someone who supports a cause or a group of people. In this case, we will be discussing what it means in terms of the LGBTQIA+...

Non-Required Reads with Douglas Forsythe

January 5, 2021

Hello, if you are reading this, then you are about to witness the beginning of a bi-weekly column where I will recommend a book I have read. These Recommendations might include novels, collections of short...


January 5, 2021

New school, new faces, all through screens You can't go through this, especially as a teen School gives you enough stress already Even though we've just begun, you are already unsteady 'Just do the...

Your Chance

January 5, 2021

You don't know who I am. Don't even try to pretend. This is the end, the end of us. I tried to make it work, but you were always at work. Or at least that's what you told me. Please believe me, you...

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