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Lowell High School's Newspaper of Record

The LHS Review

Lowell High School's Newspaper of Record

The LHS Review

a girl

Erin Shetler November 29, 2022

Welcome to the twenty-first century - where you feel like your cat catcall me Me, a stranger, to you, not an equal - Because all you see is a girl   You can’t see my life, the things I...

Gulab Jamun Tiramisu: From My Kitchen to Yours

Siya Patel, Columnist, Artist November 28, 2022

Late fall to early winter marks the most festive time of the year for most of us, starting with the Indian festival Diwali, followed by Thanksgiving, and now looking forward to Christmas and the December...

Nature Walk

Amerie Garcia November 28, 2022

  Nature Walk, 2022 Amerie Garcia  

Forlorn Mountain Roads

Douglas Forsythe November 2, 2022

Driving through winding mountains roads A once a great connector of the nation Then the war ended   Then the nation cut through earth and rock Blasted mountains to valleys and coated rivers...

New Clubs at LHS

Sophia Mirabal November 1, 2022

In addition to the already blooming environment of afterschool activities here at LHS, there are some new clubs up and running for the 2022-2023 school year! Students are encouraged to get involved, so...

Say Hello to the Senior Class Officers of the Class of 2023

Edna Bonsu, Reporter November 1, 2022

At the start of the school year, LHS held its annual senior class elections. Though it was a tight race, in the end, Alex Wahpo, Tabitha Balimutenda, Lillyanna Yim, Kiley Conlon, and Nick Porter were chosen...

The Old Man

Kristen Lopez-Ferreira, Poet October 30, 2022

I'd never greet him in the mornings or acknowledge him at night, but whenever I was summoned, it'd always stir a fright.   The call was never urgent or dangerous whatsoever, but one...

Fall Mandala

Siya Patel October 30, 2022

Fall Mandala Siya Patel

strawberry girl

Erin Shetler June 13, 2022

Her eyes are a mid shade of blue-gray They bring with them the scene of the ocean on a foggy day The fog blocks most of the scenery But through it You can make out the blue waves As they...


Hannah Muldoon May 4, 2022

Equal, Fair, Free. Words that have described America from day one. Words that have been told to so many people looking for a chance at happiness. Disappointment, Disgust, Hatred. Those are...

it’s been a while

Erin Shetler April 26, 2022

As May approaches I notice you are sinking into the horizon. I see you every night as I’m walking my dog yet I know you can’t see me. You stand there in the sky still on your hunt. Going...

Hunger & Death

Kristen Lopez-Ferreira April 9, 2022

My stomach growls. No- it howls. I’m seeking an escape. My body’s lost its shape. I can’t tell if it’s today or tomorrow, if this emotion is glee or sorrow. I’m nearing a river with...

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