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strawberry girl

Erin Shetler June 13, 2022

Her eyes are a mid shade of blue-gray They bring with them the scene of the ocean on a foggy day The fog blocks most of the scenery But through it You can make out the blue waves As they...


Hannah Muldoon May 4, 2022

Equal, Fair, Free. Words that have described America from day one. Words that have been told to so many people looking for a chance at happiness. Disappointment, Disgust, Hatred. Those are...

it’s been a while

Erin Shetler April 26, 2022

As May approaches I notice you are sinking into the horizon. I see you every night as I’m walking my dog yet I know you can’t see me. You stand there in the sky still on your hunt. Going...

Hunger & Death

Kristen Lopez-Ferreira April 9, 2022

My stomach growls. No- it howls. I’m seeking an escape. My body’s lost its shape. I can’t tell if it’s today or tomorrow, if this emotion is glee or sorrow. I’m nearing a river with...

the rain on my window

Erin Shetler April 8, 2022

The rain on my window taps a new rhythm it is not constant but it is continuous   it sounds almost fake as if it is coming from a white noise app; in waves, it gets louder then...



Lucas Oliveira, 17, was born in Brazil, Rondonia. He is a senior at Lowell High School. He likes to read books about space and play games. Lucas wants to go to college to become an astronomer and understand better how the universe works.
Lucas Oliveira April 7, 2022

Depression is one of the most common causes of death in Brazil. Roughly 750,000 people in Brazil annually suffer from depression.  It’s difficult to perceive, but it has a big effect on people’s lives....

The Problem of The Drug Trafficking in Brazil

The Problem of The Drug Trafficking in Brazil

Roberson Fusco, 18, was born in Espirito Santo, Brazil. He is a Senior at Lowell High School. He likes to play soccer and games. He would like to do computer science in college.
Roberson Fuscoi April 7, 2022

Why are so many Brazilian people becoming involved in drug trafficking at such a young age? Some don’t have enough support from their family, or they have any relatives who introduce them. Sometimes...

The Slap of the Oscars

Eva Secchiaroli April 6, 2022

“I am a work in progress.” was the ending of Will Smith’s apology, which he had posted on Instagram a day after his big slap at the 2022 Oscars. That March 7th, everyone was thrilled for the academy...

The Human Behavior Toward Nature

The Human Behavior Toward Nature

Chhairayuth Nguon, 16, was born in Cambodia. He is a Junior at Lowell High School. He likes to read books. He wants to go to college and study engineering.
Chhairayuth Nguon April 5, 2022

Nature is so important for our planet and ecosystem’s long term health. However, in the last few years some people in Cambodia have been destroying the country’s nature and natural resources. Some...

Unemployment In The United States During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Unemployment In The United States During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Chanboramey Heng, 18, was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is a senior at Lowell High School. She likes to travel and take photographs. Chanboramey plans to go to college and study computer science.
Chanboramey Heng April 5, 2022

In December 2019, a new strain of the coronavirus was identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that originated in China. It soon spread around the world. The United States is the country with the...

Waltz With Reality

Douglas Forsythe March 29, 2022

Stepping from one world to the next I find myself entangled in a waltz with reality A macabre dance upon the edifice of humanity Upon the cliffs of reason  Where its tender grasp  Doesn’t...

Queen Elizabeth II Reigns 70 Years

Portia Yeboah March 29, 2022

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, has been reigning for seventy years, making her England’s longest-reigning monarch. February had marked her Platinum Jubilee, or 70th year of rule. There will be a...

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