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The Escapist’s Paradise

Sophia Mirabal December 20, 2021

There was nowhere to go in this "God-awful" town, Diane claimed, for it had already been conquered (by herself, of course) and she was in the interest of finding another village to plunder. “I am an...

All over again

Hannah Muldoon December 8, 2020

I remember seeing a mother and father arguing about who knows what.  And a little girl confused about what was happening, and not understanding because she's so little.  I see broken glass all...


Sophia Mirabal December 4, 2020

 All of Pralognan, France knew her as Madame LaRue. Not much was known of her personal life, seeing as she hardly spoke a word and was a rather difficult woman to approach. She could be found, in solitary,...

Nothing, Just Nothing

A short story about the award-winning novel, The Catcher In the Rye, written by a sophomore here at LHS.
Jayanny Oliveira January 28, 2020

  Holden stood there, hands shoved into his pockets, his eyes focused on the clear glass door of the museum. He couldn't help but consider the idea that Phoebe hadn't gotten his letter, that she wasn't...

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