Everyone’s a Critic

Sophia Schwartz

If you are a beginner artist, I have a question for you. Was there ever a person who made fun of your art? Did it make you feel insecure about the way you draw? If yes, then let me tell you something… I’ve had that happen to me also. I drew a fictional character and showed it to my friends expecting compliments and constructive criticism, but… One of them said that it looked like sh*t (laughing emojis), I felt so angry at him. I worked hard on that drawing, and he just straight up says that it looks like sh*t? But later, I realized that there are gonna be people out there that are gonna be rude about your art. Not everyone is gonna be friendly.

When you are an artist, you shouldn’t let things like that get to you. There will be people who will really love your art, some might give you constructive criticism (meaning that they will tell you that there are some ways to improve your skill but in a nice way), and some might absolutely HATE your art and will say mean things about it to make you feel bad. But you shouldn’t let those rude people’s comments get to you; you draw what you love. Oh, and if you DIDN’T ever have an experience like that, then… You better prepare for it. Because it WILL happen at some point.