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America’s Gun Epidemic and Its Epic Stalemate

Sophia Mirabal February 28, 2022

Gun violence in the U.S. remains one of the country’s defining standstills. As it returns to the forefront of public consciousness, intermittently, the wave of fury and protest that follows seems only...

Maine Mandate Regardless of Religion

Portia Yeboah November 23, 2021

In late October of this year, Maine mandated that all healthcare workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of religious exemption. Maine only allows medical exemption in the refusal of the vaccine....

The Peoples Reaction to the Situation in Afghanistan

The People’s Reaction to the Situation in Afghanistan

Nicholas Weigold September 27, 2021

  The 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the world trade center has just passed and still sits heavy in the hearts of our nation. Although some citizens are angrier about this remembrance...

Biden Working Family Plan

Portia Yeboah May 5, 2021

One of Biden’s campaign promises was adding funding for working-class families and reforming the tax rates. In late April, he proposed a working family plan of $1.8 trillion. The American Families Plan...

Protestors in Australia Demand Safety and Equality for Women

Protestors in Australia Demand Safety and Equality for Women

Natasha Watts March 25, 2021

TW: Mentions of sexual assault   The week of March 14th, dozens of peaceful rallies and marches were held across Australia in reaction to the various sexual assault allegations that piled into...

Photo from Jeanty Junior Augustin/Reuters

The Turmoil Facing Haitians

Portia Yeboah March 1, 2021

As political violence rages on in Haiti, Biden deports hundreds of Haitians. Immigrants who have crossed the border and faced fatal challenges are being sent back to nations where chaos continues to reign. The...

Will News Be Boring Now That Biden Is President?

Sophia Mirabal February 18, 2021

Political indiscretion has been a spectacle for the last four years. Initial distrust and frustration throughout the nation have broadened, and division has widened. Trump's tenure has been marked and...

2021 Capitol Attack

Abigail Ramirez February 8, 2021

If two words wholeheartedly described America, persistent and determined would be the top two. This is good, as it represents the ability to go on, the ability to move forward. However, when taken in malicious...

Why is Voting Important?

Natasha Watts November 1, 2020

With the upcoming presidential election, there are endless signs, ads, and voices telling people to get to the polls and vote. But why is voting so important? I interviewed people involved in the Lowell...

Replacing RBG

Natasha Watts October 6, 2020

A big topic of mainstream news lately has been the passing of associate justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, more familiarly referred to as RBG. Ginsburg passed on September 18th, 2020, asking...

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