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Fight The Winter Blues: From My Winter Pastimes to Yours

Siya Patel January 28, 2022

February vacation is coming up, and while some of us may already have plans on how to spend the break, many might be wondering about things they can do to make the most of their free time. Here are...

5-Layer Magic Bars: From My Kitchen to Yours

Siya Patel November 22, 2021

Tis the season to be jolly and revive that sweet tooth of yours! With the holiday season coming up, why not indulge in some sweet treats? Store-bought desserts are always great, but making them at...

National Independent Bookstore Day

Douglas Forsythe April 13, 2021

The story for this article starts a week or so back when I was, like a normal teenager, watching a little documentary on the Rare Book Business in New York. I could literally describe the film for an entire...

New Movies & Television Shows coming in April

Erin Shetler March 29, 2021

Movies: Mortal Kombat (April 16), rated R, starring Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, and Josh Lawson, Action/ Adventure/Fantasy, directed by Simon McQuoid MMA fighter Cole Young seeks out Earth's...

New Movies & Television Shows coming in March

Erin Shetler March 8, 2021

Movies: Dreamcatcher (March 5), rated R, starring Niki Koss, Zachary Gordon, and Lou Ferrigno Jr., Thriller/ Mystery, directed by Jacob Johnston Chaos Walking (March 5), rated PG-13, starring Tom...

A Review of On Tyranny

Non-Required Reads With Douglas Forsythe
Douglas Forsythe January 23, 2021

After several years of wandering through the dark tunnel, we have finally reached the light at the end. Where a man who stood for the very things our country was built to fight against a man who promises...

Non-Required Reads with Douglas Forsythe

Douglas Forsythe January 5, 2021

Hello, if you are reading this, then you are about to witness the beginning of a bi-weekly column where I will recommend a book I have read. These Recommendations might include novels, collections of short...

New Movies & Television Shows coming in January

Erin Shetler January 5, 2021

Movies: The Little Things (January 29), rated R, starring Denzel Washington and Rami Malek, crime/ thriller, directed by John Lee Hancock No Mans Land (January 22), rated PG-13, starring Frank...

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